About the House Dragu-Mihai Website

dragumihai.com is the only official website of the Romanian Royal and Princiary House Dragu-Mihai.

dragumihai.com is maintained by the Secretariat to House Dragu-Mihai. House Dragu-Mihai and Their Serene Highnesses, Prince Shadow of Wallachia, Prince Patrick of Transylvania and Prince Paul of Moldova may be reached directly through this website.  Appearances, important announcements and other official news is released here.

Inquiries to House Dragu-Mihai or any of the Princes can be made through the contact page. Please use this page for all purposes including professional, appearances, publicity, media and House Warrants or endorsements.

You can interact daily with the House on Twitter at twitter.com/housedragumihai and you may interact with HSH Prince Shadow Dragu-Mihai on his personal Twitter page at twitter.com/shadowmihai