Text of the Promulgation of House Dragu-Mihai


Resolution and Promulgation of House Dragu-Mihai

Revival And Styling of The House


WE, being the Sole Heirs and Members of the Princiary and Royal House formerly and sometimes known to the world as Drăcul or the Drăculești, possessing Full and Sole Authority of The House, historically and presently, and all its Titles and Authority,

AND WHEREAS the House has been inactive, but never formally dissolved, since February 5, 1862, and no titles which were held by the Princiary Houses of Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldova were ever merged into any other power or authority,

AND WHEREAS We do not recognize the legal or moral authority of any foreign monarch or prince over Our House, Our Principalities or Titles, and We specifically reject the moral and legal legitimacy of the Austrian House Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and any current or former members or descendents of that house, whose bare legal authority extended not to our Principalities but only to the constitutional Kingdom of Romania which was created as a tributary state to secure foreign dynastic control over Romania, ended on December 30, 1947, and whose last incumbent renounced all connections with that foreign House and withdrew absolutely from it on May 10, 2011,

AND WHEREAS We embody separately the Principalities of Moldova, Wallachia, and Transylvania, United in One House, and that our Family Names are both Dragu and Mihai, being of the House Drăcul,

AND WHEREAS We perceive that We, as individual Princes and as a single United House, have opportunity and obligation at this time in history to formerly re-establish the House as active and effective in the world, for the good of our Principalities and the peoples who identify with them, and for the good of the world at large,

WE HEREBY DECLARE that the House and Family will be styled and known from this point on as House Dragu-Mihai, and that all the descendants of the Princes and the House, other than descendants who may change their name in the course of marriage or other process, shall bear the Name Dragu-Mihai.

AND WE HEREBY DECLARE that House Dragu-Mihai is now and forever re-established and revived as the Princiary House embodying the Principalities of Wallachia, Moldova and Transylvania, that it holds all Princiary and Royal Titles associated with the Principalities, and may henceforth be referred to as the Romanian Princiary House Dragu-Mihai.


Declared and Promulgated By Our Authority This December 30, 2014

His Serene Highness
Prince Shadow George Dragu-Mihai
Domnitor al Țării Românești
Prince of Wallachia

His Serene Highness
Prince Paul George Dragu-Mihai
Domnitor al Moldovei
Prince of Moldova

His Serene Highness
Prince Patrick Guy Dragu-Mihai
Domnitor al Transilvaniei
Prince of Transylvania