United Democratic Commonwealth

The Princes of House Dragu-Mihai are also founders, along with many other visionaries, of the United Democratic Commonwealth ("UDC")

The UDC is a direct and delegative democracy, a distributed polity and an autonomous state emanating from Kingman Reef in the USMOI. The UDC has citizens around the globe.

The UDC is a visionary next form of democratic state organization. The structure of the UDC places human rights at the forefront in law as well as in words, and subordinates state power to citizens in law and fact.

Through the UDC, the Princes of House Dragu-Mihai are promoting and pursuing human rights agendas around the world. These include the developing Global Citizenship Project of the UDC, which is very important and seeks YOUR membership and support.

For more information on the UDC, see the United Democratic Commonwealth Global Website at https://udcommonwealth.global.