2018 is the Fourth Year of the Dragon

House Dragu-Mihai has a vitally important cultural and human rights mission, for the Principalities and throughout the entire world. We are developing initiatives as a House, as well as spearheaded by individual Members of the House, which over the next weeks and months will be announced and become apparent.

The Mission of House Dragu-Mihai includes the promotion and preservation of human rights, equality and justice, in all areas including politics, economics and personal freedoms, as against all those who would suppress or restrict those rights.

The Mission of House Dragu-Mihai is also to create and promote cultural, social, political and economic awareness and pride for the peoples among our constituent Principalities, amongĀ  the diaspora of those peoples, and among the peoples of the world.

The Mission of House Dragu-Mihai is unrestricted by boundaries of geography, economics, ethnicity, nationality, state, race, class, gender or any other actual or notional boundary.

House Dragu-Mihai is here and intends to empower natural people around the world including those of the Romanian diaspora, and in Romania, Moldova and Transylvania.

The Statement of the Executor For House Dragu-Mihai for the Year of the Dragon 2017-2018 will be published in July 2018, after consideration by the House. The statement will discuss the previous year's activities, mention pertinent aspects of the History of House Dragu-Mihai, and will set the direction for the coming year. The statement may be released in a series of blog entries.